I suppose you’re not attracted to this country first when you have to choose a travel destination. But trust me, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


According to me, the wealth is the beautiful landscapes that abound our world. Be ready my Eagle Travellers, that’s going to be huge.

I started a road trip to visit this country (Switzerland) where chocolate and cheese flow in. Wait a minute, you’re going to tell me that cheese doesn’t flow. Huh yes, fondue does. By the way, I have discovered wonderful landscapes which make me happy (Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth)

An eventful start of a road trip

1st step: First of allI booked an Ouigo (We go) (low-cost train) toward Lyon Saint Exupéry (Airport). Furthermore, I came into the station and I decided to rent a car. Only 15 euros per day, It’s a very low price. However, the financial balance was my objective. I decided to carpool via Blablacar from Lyon to Geneva. Let me say that this car rental was immediately profitable. 

2nd step: I came to Geneva. I just wanted one thing: To leave as soon as possible from there but the Lake Leman is pretty and beautiful. I decided to take pictures from outside the city. The view is so much better, fewer tourists. Going toward to WTO (World Trade Organization)

2nd step bis Red Alert: A weird warning light in the car began to light up. I heard a bad sound which didn’t make me happy. We all have questioned what we are going to do if we break down in the countryside. This question became reality on this day. But as God is great, I found a garage on the road (Same brand of my car). That was only a problem of tire pressure. But I must admit that I was thinking in my head: Olalala what this shit!

The landscapes of Switzerland are breathtaking, angry taking, vegetable taking, fingers taking, clothes taking … Everything

3rd step: I left Geneva, which I greatly regret, toward the real things. Be ready Eagle Travellers, Meiringen, do you know this name? No, it’s not in Austria but in Switzerland. That’s a city filled with stunning landscapes full of vegetation, stream, waterfall. Just wonderful!

4th step: Lauterbrunnen. It’s in Switzerland too. Always ace. Stunning landscapes too.

5th step: Viewpoint of Schoenbuehel. Unique, exceptional, breathtaking, on the Lungern Lake. You can access it via Sbrinz road (Bern canton)

6th step: I arrived in Lungern city in order to admire the clarity of the lake. Enjoy it fully to walk around in the nearby villages where you can find mountains, vegetation and nobody around you to make a nuisance besides me 🙂

7th step: I head down the east of Switzerland. Driving through this country was such a pleasure. Each turn, there is a dazzling landscape. You could have an accident staying focused on this instead of the road. Then, I arrived in the mythical city, Grindelwald. Imagine a sweet village with stunning greenery a beautiful rock glacier in the background, this is Grindelwald. Such a good name huh?

Lake Leman, Geneva in Switzerland
Lake Leman, Geneva
Meiringen in Switzerland

Meiringen in SwitzerlandMeiringen in Switzerland

Trummelbach F alls in Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)
Trummelbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland


Viewpoint of Schoenbuel
Viewpoint of Schoenbuel
Lungern Lake
Lungern Lake
Lungern Lake
My bag on Lungern Lake
Glacier of Grindelwald (Switzerland)
Glacier of Grindelwald
Viewpoint from Grindelwald
Viewpoint from Grindelwald

Come back to the Swiss Far West

8th step: I began slowly to redirect toward the west of Switzerland and specifically the city of Thun. You know, that’s the city you only heard during a champions league game :). Despite his bad but honorable path in football, this city is full of charm and gives his name to a famous lake in Switzerland: Thun…. Lake ! come on 🙂

9th step: This Thun Lake is so beautiful that I decide to come back in the mountains in order to see it from there and enjoy fully a wonderful view on it. Therefore, I landed in the city called Beatenberg. I stay one-hour seeing beautiful landscapes but I didn’t see one car. Ok, I lie, just I saw one.

Last step: Come back to Geneva, then Lyon (Huh, Saint Exupery). Game over.

Thun Lake in Switzerland
Thun Lake


Has Switzerland made me spend a fortune?

No, because it’s me. No money, more travel. I carpooled, I spent a little for food, 10 euros something like this. I always find the good business so you have to know that It’s not expensive for 4 days in Switzerland. It’s a very very expensive country. Then, I had a comfortable car so I slept inside for 3 nights. Moreover, if you want to know some tips in order to sleep for free traveling, click here.

Practicals tips for Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are not tollgates. Indeed, you have to put a sticker on the windshield. In addition, It costs 50 euros per year in order to take the highway. It’s obligatory. If police catch you, the penalty could be expensive. In my own case, I was lucky to rent a car where there was one. So this trip costs me about.. 40 euros. I traveled alone but if you are in the countryside with your friends, you can find some tips, in order to have fun, on my blog.

So, tempted by Switzerland? If you have already been in this country, let me your feeling. Maybe, we could discuss that. If not, go-go and go!

As a result, #NoMoneyMoreTravel #MisterEagle


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